• Basal Soil Test

    SOLVITA® tells you whether your soil can support the sustained release of nutrients consistent with healthy plant growth. Use Solvita to biologically test your soil today. Read More
  • Is your Compost...

    safe to move, safe to bag, ready to send to an approved test lab for PAS100 Testing. To avoid any problems, compost must be both stable and mature. By performing the Solvita Stability test you can remove any doubt. Read More
  • CO2 Burst Test

    The Haney-Brinton Burst test is a development of the original Solvita Basal Respiration Test that accurately measures Soil CO2 respiration and can be used to predict Soil N-Mineralisation over the growing season. Read More
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About Solvita

Whether you are a large scale producer of compost, a farmer, or just a keen amateur gardener with an interest in the organic health of your soil, there is a Solvita product for you.

The Solvita test measures the biological activity of naturally occuring micro-organisms in soil or compost by checking the amount of carbon dioxide being given off. This "respiration" provides important information about the health and quality of the soil or compost being tested.

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SOLVITA® is a registered trademark of Woods End Laboratories Inc./USA All Rights Reserved.

Earthcare Ltd. is the authorised distributor for SOLVITA® products in the UK and Ireland.

For SOLVITA® technical support from the manufacturer contact solvita@woodsend.org